Why Long-Term Residentail Treatment is the Answer

Long-term residential treatment such as Rainbow Canyon Retreat has many advantages that other types of programs are not able to provide. As an addict you are living day in and day out surrounded by all the things that hold you in your addiction. It is likely that the drug dealers know where to find you; you know exactly where to go to get your next fix and your “friends” are contributing to, if not fueling your drug and/or alcohol abuse.

When you enter Rainbow Canyon Retreat you will be leaving behind this previous life filled with substance abuse, chaos and turmoil. Their treatment facility is located in a picturesque meadow below Rainbow Canyon close to Caliente, Nevada. The rural ranch setting situated on 320 acres and provides clients with an ideal sanctuary to make the necessary life changes to get clean and sober. Their staff understands that the process of addiction recovery takes time, patience and most of all proper withdrawal, detoxification and counseling to be successful. Graduates of Rainbow Canyon Retreat have some of the highest success rates at lasting sobriety with a high number of them not returning to a life of drug or alcohol abuse after graduation.

3 thoughts on “Why Long-Term Residentail Treatment is the Answer”

  1. I went through long term residential treatment, and it was without a doubt, the best and only way for me to have such a full fledged, complete recovery. Otherwise, the damage I had caused by using drugs was just too massive, and I do not think I would be doing as well as I am now.

  2. If it hadn’t been for Rainbow Canyon Retreat I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. I would either be sitting in a jail or prison somewhere back home or I would be out getting high. I had been getting high for 12 years before coming here and was unable to hold a steady job. I’d been in and out of jail for a variety of things and had been on supervised probation twice. The last time I was on probation I didn’t really care, I was still getting high. My probation officer sent me to a 28 day rehab program back home which helped while I was there and then 3 days after coming back home I got a phone call from a “friend” saying he had some meth and that was all it took for me to start getting high again. I was even doing Intensive Outpatient classes three times a week which also didn’t help. Then after going to jail this last time for failing a drug test my family found Rainbow Canyon Retreat. Now almost 2 years later I am holding down a steady job and am still clean!

  3. The most important fact I would like to point out and share with everyone is that this program not only has many advantages which other types of programs do not entail, but that this program actually has a system that works.
    The success rate of this program speaks for itself. In addition to this, we do not chalk up addiction and substance abuse to some hopeless situation that nothing can be done about, except for sitting in a circle, sulking with others and agreeing with each other that its a hopeless, uncontrollable disease that we all just have to live with. That is entirely not true.
    We have found how to move past addiction, how to become productive, and how to enjoy life and do things that improve our lives, instead of destroying them

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