Focused on Complete Addiction Rehabilitation

Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch is a drug rehab program focused on the individual’s physical, mental and emotional recovery from substance abuse. We know that this process is likely one of the most difficult challenges our clients will go through in their lifetime. While recovering from addiction is challenging, the ultimate result is so rewarding and life changing the struggles one goes through are always worth the time it takes to achieve them.

Because our program is a long-term approach to complete drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation we have chosen a beautiful and serene location. Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch resides in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley just thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico and is surrounded by lush farmland. Our facility rests on 17 beautiful acres and is an ideal sanctuary for those looking to get away from the hectic and often dangerous metropolitan areas where drugs and alcohol are prevalent.

Clients of the Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab have many positive things to share:

“The staff here made my family and I feel welcome from the moment we arrived. I worked closely with the intake counselor who walked me through my orientation and was able to answer my questions as I had them. After being here just over a month I feel a lot of positive changes in myself and can’t wait to see how I will feel in another month, 6 months and year!”

“I graduated from Lonestar Victory Ranch a while back and still keep in contact with my case sup and other staff members I befriended while I was there. I know that they really do care about me and my wellbeing. This is a feeling I never had at any other program I went through before. I’m happy to share that I have six months of sobriety and I’m back in college. Also, thanks to all the training on how to study and learn new info while in rehab I’m doing better than ever in my classes!”

“Before I got hooked on taking prescription pain medication I was a really active person. I loved running and playing tennis. My addiction changed my priorities and I stopped being physical all together. While exercising for the sauna I rediscovered my passion for running and now feel more in shape than I have in years! Lonestar Victory Ranch did more than get me off prescription pills; it helped me become the woman I want to be. Thank you!”

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