Getting Sober Takes Time

Becoming an addict takes time. It is not something that happens with a person’s first sip of alcohol, first line of coke or even with the first pill they take. As with any habit in life, addiction takes time and repetition to develop into the problem it has become for the individual. The person habitually takes the substance(s) and their body begins to expect it, and then need it just to function “properly”. They crave it, think about it constantly and find that their ability to not use diminishes daily. As time goes by their life begins to center around using and it seems “natural” to them because it has been a regular part of their life for some time now.

How can a person struggling with an addiction problem hope to recover in the span of just a few weeks or a month? This hope is often dashed when the 28 day treatment program they enroll in ends and they still feel that overwhelming urge to use. Sunshine Summit Lodge understands that addiction rehabilitation takes time and is not a change that happens overnight. An addicted person needs the time and space to properly focus on their recovery.

Our rehab facility is located in the beautiful hills of Northern San Diego County providing clients with plenty of open spaces, picturesque scenery and fresh air. Clients become students during their time at Sunshine Summit Lodge learning the valuable life skills and training to ensure their lasting sobriety when they return home. As part of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation, Sunshine Summit Loge is able to provide clients with the most effective addiction recovery program available. Their success rate is one of the highest in the field of addiction recovery with over three-quarters of their graduates continuing to live a life of sobriety long after they complete treatment and return home.

One thought on “Getting Sober Takes Time”

  1. Getting clean is something that does take time and it sure doesn’t happen overnight. I’m glad that my Narconon program lasted for 108 days because it really gave me the time that I needed to confront my life and all the wreckage and get it handled. I can honestly say that if I had gone through some meager 28 day program that I would still be a meth-monster today. But since I went through Sunshine Summit Lodge and did the New Life Detoxification Program and of the Life Skills Courses I know that I was able to repair my mind, body, and spirit. I was able to really sit back and look at my life in a variety of aspects and address and handle everything that was wrong. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do al of that in only a few weeks. I know that it took time to get myself addicted and messed up so why wouldn’t it take time to get clean? Recovery takes time so make the investment of time at the residential treatment at Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge.

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