Sunshine Summit Lodge changes lives for the better

Every day that I wake up without being dopesick or hungover is a good day.  I hated the way I used to live when I was using and drinking.  My every thought was consumed by the fear of withdrawal and so I focused on doing whatever I had to do to get my fix.  It was a sad and disgusting lifestyle full of lying and stealing and deceiving everyone and anyone around me.  When I look at where I am today and where I was three years ago I am completely blown away at the differences in my life and my mindset.  When I was stuck in my addiction I had no goals or aspirations or happiness, I only had destruction and chaos and misery.  My only hobby and happiness came from chasing my fix and putting the poison in my body.  Today, I have a much fulfilling and meaningful life.  I have goals and aspirations for myself and my family.  I’m happy to wake up, go to work, spend time with friends, and be a father.  I’m happy with the simple things in life such as cooking dinner for my family, reading a good book, writing in my journal and watching movies.  I have hobbies like art and writing that keep me busy and give me an outlet to work out my stress and feelings.  My life has changed in so many ways and each one is for the better. Everyday I know that I am moving my life forward in a positive and healthy directions and that I am making good decisions with everything I do. I don’t have to worry about the getting arrested, being dopesick, chasing down a dopeman, or making moves to hustle up money.  All of that is so far behind me that it doesn’t even seem like it was ever a part of my life but rather like it was a fictional story.  I love my life and what I have today and I know that none of it would be possible if it wasn’t for the Narconon program at Sunshine Summit Lodge.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity that I had to get my life together because it worked far better than I could have ever imagined.

4 thoughts on “Sunshine Summit Lodge changes lives for the better”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you guys more here. My life has increased tenfold since I attended and completed the Narconon program. Every facet of my life has gotten better and the last thing on my mind is any thought of ever wanting to use again. The program was amazing and the staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge are genuinely caring and compassionate people. It’s sad that for many people, like myself, we have to lose everything before we realize how much everyone and everything means to us. I learned that the hard way but it was an extremely valuable lesson. To anyone who has a drug or alcohol problem or has a loved one that does I would strongly encourage sending them to Sunshine Summit Lodge. They make miracles happen there and they show you what a miracle life itself is.

  2. I also have a much more satisfying and fulfilling life today after completing the Narconon Program. I can’t believe the changes that I see in myself and my life today compared to when I was using, it is like night and day. For the longest time I struggled with meth addiction and I had convinced myself that I was a lost cause. But then I had the opportunity to go to Sunshine Summit Lodge and get my life back. Like any normal addict, I was reluctant at first to go to treatment but I am sure glad that I went. It was difficult for me to actually confront the idea that I had a drug problem but it was in fact a big ugly truth. Once I was able to deal with that idea I was able to start helping myself. I made a lot of changes while doing the program and I can honestly say that every change I made was for the better. Today I am clean and drug free and I have a much easier time dealing with life. I no longer have anger issues and I can deal with stress in a much more rational manner. I love what I have going on in my life today and I never want to go back to putting drugs in my body.

  3. I am really pleased with the results that I got from doing the Narconon Program at Sunshine Summit Lodge. I couldn’t have dreamed of getting clean and sober in any other place or any other way. I, like most other addicts, sowed a life full of devastation and misery and it was all a direct result of my addiction. I went in and out of jail and other programs but nothing seemed to change until I did the Narconon program. It’s been two years since I successfully completed the program and I love where I am at in life. I’m thoroughly engulfed in all of my old hobbies such as hiking, camping and archery. I get to have some quality adventures with my family and my dogs and I wouldn’t trade what i have now for anything. I really did get my life back and I saved all of the valuable relationships in my life. Sunshine Summit Lodge was a tremendous help and I am eternally grateful for the staff and the program that helped me get my life back in order.

  4. Narconon and Sunshine Summit Lodge did wonders for me and my life. I can’t believe how much of a wreck I was when i was addicted and strung out. I literally lost everything and I was living on the streets. I had essentially chose to give up everything in lieu of getting high. It was like I was a slave to dope and I would not do anything other than feed my habit. I can’t imagine being homeless today because my life has improved in so many ways. I feel like a complete idiot for letting myself get to such a low point where I had to live out on the streets and do unspeakable things to survive. I never want to go back to where I was and I don’t want anyone else to have suffer through what I went through. Life is too valuable and too important to have such blatant disregard for it. I’m happy today and I have been for a couple years now and that is because I did the Narconon program at Sunshine Summit Lodge. I’d probably be dead in a gutter somewhere if i didn’t get the help that I needed. Sunshine Summit Lodge honestly does change lives. It is a great place and an even better program.

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