Addressing Mental Health Problems during Drug Rehab

Many times people suffering with mental health problems such as depression or anxiety attempt to “self-medicate” using alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription drugs that are not theirs. While their attempts at controlling their mental health problems on their own may appear to work for a while, inevitably they develop additional problems such as side effects to the substances and addiction issues. A person who has problems with their mental health and is also an addict needs to have these two issues addressed concurrently.

Narconon Fresh Start programs such as Fort Collins New Life Center are prepared to help clients struggling with these issues. Their program addresses the physical and mental condition of addiction while working through the clients underlying problems that lead them to substance abuse. Their program is completely drug-free and not based on the disease model of addiction.

Clients progress through the program at an individual pace. The staff at the Fort Collins New Life Center knows how important it is for those in recovery to stay in the present moment and not continually re-live one’s substance abusing past. This is one of the reasons why there are no group counseling sessions where clients gather to rehash their past drug and alcohol experiences. Instead, program participants receive one-on-one care throughout their program.

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