Help is Here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat

At Rainbow Canyon Retreat you can find the addiction rehabilitation treatment you need to finally stop using drugs and alcohol once and for all. Using the most effective methods of drug-free withdrawal, total physical detoxification and our Cognitive Behavioral Modification Model graduates of Rainbow Canyon Retreat have the highest success rates at lasting sobriety! Our program is able to completely rehabilitate our clients ensuring they no longer experience drug cravings and urges; that they understand how to handle themselves and their environment without substance abuse when they return home; and they have gained the ability to communicate effectively.

As our program participants near their graduation date they prepare a battle plan, or life plan if you will. They outline in detail the expectations they have for themselves, their future and how they are going to accomplish them. This further ensures their continued focus on their sobriety when they return home. Graduates remain in contact with our staff members who continue make themselves available to help work-out graduate’s problems should any arise. If for any reason a graduate of the Rainbow Canyon Retreat program feels as though their sobriety is in jeopardy within the first six months after graduating they can return free of charge for an advanced treatment review.

8 thoughts on “Help is Here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat”

  1. One of the things that sets Rainbow Canyon Retreat apart from other treatment facilities are the fact that every staff member here has battled some form of addiction and has also gone through the program themselves. I feel that this makes it much easier for students to relate to the staff when they are going through the program. A lot of other programs have people who haven’t actually battled addiction themselves and have just gone to school to become a drug counselor.

  2. The plans for my work here have been going excellent. I am glad that my ‘battle plans’ have been working out well, and making me more efficient. In this way, I am making the most of my ‘saved’ life, off of drugs, and helping to save others’ lives as well!

  3. I am very lucky that after I made the terrible choice of using drugs, I came to this program and they helped me to develop a plan which I could follow to keep me on the right track. I am sure that it is one of the big reasons that I am still sober this day, still succeeding, still winning.

  4. Making a battle plan at the Rainbow Canyon Retreat helped me plan for the future. It helped me set up goals and a plan for when I left treatment. I counselor looked over my plan and also went over it with my family, so It was reallistic and so everyone was on the same page.

  5. I have noticed another really good aspect of creating plans for the future, and that is that it creates stability towards lasting independence from substance abuse and addiction. It is a fact that when people have plans that they are striving to achieve, it helps to anchor their actions in a successful manner. Individuals who just “go with the flow” without any plan, tend to be easily washed away with the current.

  6. Studies have shown that actively creating and writing out a plan for the future is greatly beneficial towards attaining the goals of that individual. It is very common and well known for people to formulate plans for the future, however, it is astonishing how many people choose to leave out doing this altogether. Making the effort to do some planning for one’s future is greatly worth the benefits, and I am glad that this program embraces teaching this fact to its students.

  7. I think that preparing a battle plan before you graduate from here is a great thing to do as not only does it help you plan for your future when you leave here but it also gives your family an idea of what you have planned for your future and can help them help you out.

  8. This is a good thing to plan for the future. It helps to train individuals to become flexible, as well as successful. Many times, plans do not go the way that people expect, so it is good to have planned things out, having several options handy to adapt to the current situation.
    Coupled with the liberation from substance addictions, people can really be transformed back into productive, successful members of society. I have seen it happen with myself, and many others as well.

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