You Don’t Have To Hit Rock Bottom

As an addict, how do you know when you’ve hit your personal rock bottom? I remember being so deep in my addiction that I was doing things I can’t even begin to write about today. I could explain away all of my actions and behavior on anything else besides the fact that I was an addict. My health was deteriorating day by day, my car was repossessed, I lost my job the week before and I was sleeping on the floor at my friend’s parents’ house because I had nowhere else to go. All of these life changes were a result of my drug use. However, I truly thought at the time it was my parent’s fault I had nowhere to stay, my bosses fault for firing me and the stupid banks fault that I had no money and was living hand to mouth.

For me, that was my personal rock bottom but for others that wouldn’t even scratch the surface. I know of addicts who live on the streets for years; addicts who have stolen from their family, friends and strangers to feed their addiction. I know many addicts who have ended up in jail not just one time; many, many times and still they don’t realize the problems they continue to create for themselves.

My point is this, if you (or your loved one) is waiting for “rock bottom” and thinking that you are doing just fine getting by with what you have, think closely about it again. When was the last time you truly felt happy? When did you last feel healthy and able to take on life’s challenges without resorting to getting high or drunk before or after? Hitting your rock bottom really isn’t necessary to begin the process of changing your life and getting off drugs or alcohol. Reaching your personal “rock bottom” only means that you have that much farther to come up the ladder before you begin to get the life you deserve to be living back.

Narconon Fresh Start programs such as the Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab can help you get your life back on track. They have helped numerous addicts from all walks of life and suffering with all types of dependence problems learn how to completely get off the substances they are dependent on and learn to live a happy and purpose driven life. Graduates from their program are some of the happiest and most successful people you will ever meet because they have discovered what true addiction rehabilitation feels like. They do not have to attend meetings and they do not take any drug substitution medications to maintain their sobriety. They have learned all tools and skills they need to stay sober when they complete the program and return home.

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