Sunshine Summit Lodge showed me the importance of love

What a great Valentine’s Day!  I am clean and sober and I get to spend some quality time with the people that I love.  Doing just that is something that I never really paid attention to or put any value upon when I was in the midst of my addiction.  Before going to Sunshine Summit Lodge I thought that Valentine’s Day was a sappy holiday and that it was only meant for your significant other and therefore I never really paid attention to it.  But today, three years after graduating the Narconon Program, I can see that Valentine’s Day is much more important.  It is a day that allows us to let ALL of the people that we love know that we care about them. I see now that I have a lot of people in my life that love me and I love them back and it is not just my girlfriend.  I see how important the love is for not only my girlfriend but also my parents, my sibling, and my son.  Again, acknowledging the fact that I love people and a lot of people love me was an absent idea when I was using drugs and alcohol because, quite frankly, I thought the only thing I loved was my drugs but I was so wrong!  After cleaning up my life and conquering my addiction at Sunshine Summit Lodge I see how important it is and how valuable it is to let all the people that you love know just how important they are to you.  It is just another important life lesson that I learned from doing my Narconon Program.  It is truly amazing what you can learn about yourself and your life when you chose to live without drugs.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Summit Lodge showed me the importance of love”

  1. It is good to have love in your life – both giving it and receiving it. It is also important to love yourself because a person with no self-worth or self-love will be surely doomed. I learned this the hard way and in doing so I was able to see what I was missing and what I needed. I also learned about how neglectful I was of my family’s love. It is a great thing they have going on at Sunshine Summit Lodge and the knowledge that is attainable there is worth it to anybody.

  2. Right on brother! Being able to recognize and acknowledge the importance of love in sobriety is a crucial thing. I believe that many of us who have struggled or do struggle with drug and alcohol problems lack a certain understanding of the importance of love. I know that in my experience I had no love for myself or anyone else when i was drinking every day. Love was a foreign concept because I was so used to hate and self-loathing and that was my standard operating procedure. It becomes too easy to forget and ignore how powerful love can be when we are caught up in poisoning ourselves. But when we get clean and sober, love is the most essential emotion that we need to operate with. We have to love ourselves and those around us and we need to let all of the negative emotions go. When we can love ourselves and appreciate the simple things in life then our recovery becomes easier and becomes less of a struggle. I had forgotton how to love, what it meant to be loved and what love even was before I went to Sunshine Summit Lodge. But now, five years later, I can really see the value of love and it is the center of my recovery. The love within my family is too important to ever lose again because my wife and my sons depend on me and I depend on them. Love is a beautiful and powerful thing and anyone who is recovering from addiction needs to fully embrace it.

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