I am Able to Take Action

Drugs and alcohol affect a person’s mind. It changes the way their brain functions causing them to have trouble with their memory. When a person has taken a substance it can cause them to become forgetful and irresponsible. They may even believe things that are false; such as events taking place that didn’t, or people telling them things yet they never really did. As the person continues to abuse the drug they often begin to feel “wooden” inside, they are unfeeling and unable to do things. A person in this condition is not someone who can be trusted and is certainly not reliable.

Before attending Lonestar Victory Ranch I remember driving down the street and witnessing a car accident right in front of me. However, because I was high while it happened I wasn’t really sure exactly who hit who and how the whole thing took place. I quickly avoided the whole scene and didn’t stay to offer any assistance or to be a witness even though it had happened directly in front of me. I felt bad about it but told myself that it really wasn’t my problem. However, to this day my inability to do my civic duty has bothered me tremendously.

Thanks to the Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab program I have many years of sobriety under my belt. Just a month ago I witnessed another bad car accident and was able to stay at the scene and offer my assistance. I gave a formal statement to the cops and felt so proud of myself for being able to recount exactly what I had seen. The Lonestar Victory Ranch program helped me get off drugs once and for all and gave me back my life. I am now the person I always saw myself growing up to be before addiction stole away my attention and passion for life.

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