I No Longer Think about Getting High

Do you feel like your drug or alcohol use is taking over your life? Do you remember the last time you enjoyed doing something without getting high or stoned first? I remember living like that. If I think back to how my life was before Sunshine Summit Lodge I cringe at what I thought was a “normal” day. I was just getting by, not even that sometimes and living to do my next line. I didn’t have any friends who didn’t use and could care less about my future and planning for it.

Entering Sunshine Summit Lodge saved me from myself. I was headed into a downward spiral so deep that the only way to stop me was an overdose or time in jail. The idea of getting sober hit me one morning as I woke up yet again disoriented and disheveled. I knew that there had to be a better way to live my life. Years later I am still clean and sober. I use the life training and skills I learned while in treatment each day and have no trouble maintaining my sobriety.

Learning to take responsibility for myself and my actions helped me get a handle on my life and make the changes that were necessary. I have so many healthy hobbies to keep myself busy along with my two little boys that the idea of using, even just once, seems crazy to me. Thank you Sunshine Summit Lodge for getting me back on track and teaching me the life lessons I needed to achieve sobriety and maintain it!

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