The Truth about Drugs and Alcohol

As long as there have been known substances that alter a person’s perceptions there have been people abusing them. Drug abusers and drug dealers are known to spread falsehoods that the drugs they abuse or sell don’t really cause harm to users. When people suffer ill effects due to these substances addicts and dealers are quick to come up with a multitude of excuses as to why someone became sick or even worse, died because of the drug. They may say that the person ingested a “bad batch” of the drug, or they didn’t take it the “right” way or that they took “too much”. All of these are easy reasons to explain away the negative effects of drugs. However, the truth is that drugs (illicit street-drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol) are basically poisons.

While alcohol is legal, it is a well-known fact that if taken in excess it can cause the user to experience a wide range of negative effects, the worst being death. By the same token, prescription drugs are legal and prescribed by reputable doctors to help their patients; they do a lot of good for countless people. Yet when they are abused, combined with other substances or taken illegally they can become deadly in the wrong hands.

All drugs can be described as toxins, or put more simply, poisons. It is the amount of the substance you take that is responsible for how the drug effects and controls you. When a person takes a small amount of a drug it acts as a stimulant (speeding up their body’s activity) and a larger amount works as a sedative (calming down their body’s activity). A larger amount even still acts as a poison in the user and can be fatal. This reaction is true for just about every drug. Take alcohol for instance, 1 or 2 drinks work as a stimulant on the user. 5 drinks have a depressive effect causing the user to feel tired and lethargic. 12 drinks over a short amount of time may be enough to severely harm a person or even kill them.

Fort Collins New Life Center understands the severity of substance abuse and drug addiction. Their program is completely drug-free and focused on providing individualized care. While each program participant works though the same processes, they do so at a pace that works best for them. There is no set program completion date when clients enroll in Fort Collins New Life Center’s drug rehab program. As clients progress through the program they learn new ways of problem solving, communication skills and effective life skills to prevent returning to a life of substance use when they leave treatment.

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