Total Body Detoxification and Purification

No other treatment method offers the total body detoxification and purification that Narconon Fresh Start programs do. Rainbow Canyon Retreat uses the New Life Detoxification Program to rid their clients of drug metabolites that may remain in the fatty tissue of the body for years after they have been taken. If allowed to remain, the drug metabolites (toxins) can trigger drug cravings, compulsions and flash backs when re-released into the person’s system during times of stress or physical activity.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat utilizes a highly specialized protocol of vitamin and mineral supplements that work to replenish their client’s nutritional deficiencies while boosting their overall general health and wellbeing. Included in the process is medically supervised exercise and periods of sweating in a dry sauna. Using this precise protocol ensures that the client’s drug metabolites are flushed from their system. The results from the New Life Detoxification Program are phenomenal with clients commenting that they have never felt so good. They note that they sleep better, their skin is healthier and they no longer feel cravings to use or get high.

As a former client and graduate of Rainbow Canyon Retreat I know the power of their New Life Detoxification Program. After three and a half weeks in the sauna, I was so happy to have successfully completed that portion of the program. It was difficult yet at the end of each session I would feel better than the day before. I could see the benefits of my time in the New Life Detoxification Program taking place in my skin, my hair and most importantly my memory. When I started the process I had a terrible memory and struggled doing my course work each day. As my time in the sauna continued on I saw my ability to focus, concentrate and retain the new information I was learning improve. Needless to say that these benefits have continued and I am forever grateful to Rainbow Canyon Retreat for helping me get my sobriety back.   

3 thoughts on “Total Body Detoxification and Purification”

  1. It makes sense that since there are particles of drugs left over in the body, that a fully competent treatment rehabilitation program would take measures to combat those problems and provide true treatment. If you have selected a treatment option that entirely ignores this prevalent problem of toxins and drug residuals existing in your body, it is obvious to expect that there will be negative issues that arise from this. Thankfully, I was given the excellent opportunity to be healed in the best possible, as well as most proper, method available to the public.

  2. After going through a 28 day program and not having any success staying clean before coming here to Rainbow Canyon Retreat, I can confidently say that Narconon Fresh Start has helped may greatly. Going through the sauna part of the program and sweating out all the toxins I’ve put into my body over the last 15 years I noticed a huge difference after completing the sauna part of the program. Narconon really does work.

  3. I am definitely sure that our program offers the most effective way of helping to rid the body of toxins and substance residues. I really think that it is a prominent reason that other rehabilitation techniques show no success in their treatments, is because they do not have something that helps to purify and cleanse the body of the toxins which if left untouched, continue to manifest addictive properties in the host’s body.

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