Codependency and Addiction Recovery

As a parent, family member, loved one or close friend it can be so hard to watch the person you care about struggling with their addiction issues. When codependency becomes part of the relationship equation it often delays getting the necessary treatment the addict needs to get off drugs and take control of their life. A codependent relationship is often difficult for those who are participating in to fully grasp because it is quite simply normal behavior taken to extremes. A mother who wants to help her son, a wife who wants to shield her husband from the consequences of his drinking or a friend who thinks she can help her best friend without bringing anyone else into the situation.

The problem lies in the fact that after these loved ones continually try to go it alone and rescue their loved ones from their self-imposed problems without success they repeat these ineffective actions day in and day out, year after year. The addict learns that this loved one will ALWAYS be there for them, will ALWAYS be there to bail them out of trouble so it really doesn’t matter what they do because they have a built in safety net. This becomes a negative cycle that plays out over and over again if help is not sought and both people learn how to effectively address the underlying issues.

Narconon Fresh Start programs like Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab helps the addicted individual and their loved ones better understand the cycle of addiction. During their time in treatment clients address the issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol as well as effective ways to handle such issues when they return home. Program participants learn what it means to take responsibility for oneself and incorporate this sense of personal accountability into their moral code. This process changes the dynamic of the codependent relationship leaving the recovered person stronger than before and able to handle their life without leaning on their loved ones to get them out of daily challenges.

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