Complete Recovery Doesn’t Happen Overnight

As a recovered drug addict I remember thinking in my first or second week of sobriety that I’m “recovered” and why did I have to stay in treatment for several months? I hadn’t used in nearly 14 days and that was all it took to be a recovered addict I thought at the time. Lucky for me I was at Sunshine Summit Lodge; a long-term residential treatment program where I was given all the time I needed to truly learn how to live without drugs. Unfortunately, a lot of people in other recovery programs think the way I used to, that it just takes a few days or weeks to get over their addiction problem. That once their withdrawal process is complete they are nearly recovered and ready to return home.

To make a complete and lasting recovery it takes time, a lot of time to rid one’s body of the toxins left behind by the poisonousness substances they have been abusing. It takes time to heal the damage done to one’s brain caused by the drugs they have become addicted too. And, it takes time to retrain one’s self to live a drug-free and happy life. These changes DO NOT happen overnight. They slowly but surely come about as the recovering individual focuses on their new life and learns new ways to approach daily challenges without using drugs or alcohol as a solution.

I’m glad to be where I am today because of the time I invested in myself and my sobriety all those years ago. Sunshine Summit Lodge taught me invaluable life skills that still serve me well today. My sobriety is the hardest yet most rewarding accomplishment I have every achieved and I am forever grateful to all of those who helped me along the way.

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