Once an Addict, Always an Addict?

“Once an addict, always an addict” while this phrase is not new to any of us in the field of addiction recovery it doesn’t ‘hold water’ here at Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs. This is because we treat addiction for the obstacle it truly is; a physical and mental problem that must be overcome while concurrently addressing the issues that lead to the abuse of substances in the first place. Our program participants go through the most thorough withdrawal and detoxification process. Our New Life Detoxification process is able to rid their bodies of all remaining drug toxins left behind by substance abuse. This process works to effectively eliminate future drug cravings and compulsions.

Clients are taught new ways to approach life’s challenges so that resorting to using drugs or alcohol is no longer a desirable option. Program participants learn…

  • effective communication techniques
  • how to address and work through difficult situations
  • how to identify people in their life who wish to do them well or wish to harm them
  • personal values and integrity
  • tools to properly handle and improve their condition in life
  • a common sense moral code to use daily in order to maintain their drug-free lifestyle
  • how to create a battle plan for themselves once they complete treatment and return home

Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start programs are no longer addicts when they concluded treatment. They have made a complete and total recovery and have learned all the tools and information to continue their sobriety when they return home. Our program graduates do not need to attend meetings or take drug-substitution medications to maintain their sobriety because they now realize that they are in control of their actions and the choices they make.

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