I’m Proud of Myself and My Parents are too!

I cannot believe how amazing I feel after just one month here. My parents are so proud of me, a feeling they haven’t felt in so many years. I still think about using though. I think it is going to take some time for that thought not to be the first thing on my mind. I’m learning how to stay in the present moment and not constantly play out the past events in my mind. When I feel overwhelmed by the changes taking place in myself and around me I know I can speak to anyone here. All the staff have made me feel so at home and supported through my ups and downs. I’m so happy I came to Rainbow Canyon Retreat and can’t wait to see how I will be doing in another month!

4 thoughts on “I’m Proud of Myself and My Parents are too!”

  1. Recently, my mother told me that she was proud of what, and how, I am doing now that I have cleaned my act up. I am happy to feel confident that I will continue to make my family happy in this way, instead of the horrible mess I created by using drugs

  2. I enjoy reading posts like this. It is nice to read other peoples success with the Narconon Fresh Start program. The Narconon Fresh Start program and the Rainbow Canyon Retreat saved my life. The Rainbow Canyon Retreat has professional and caring staff members. A lot of the staff had at one time struggled with their own addictions, and it was nice to see all they had accomplished in their sobriety. It can be trying and even overwhelming to overcome an addiction but the Narconon Fresh Start program and all the caring staff members at Rainbow Canyon Retreat make it easier. The staff are all very knowledgable and helpful.

  3. I also can relate to the article above, I had been using for 12 years before I came here to rainbow canyon retreat. I have now been clean for almost 2 years now and I feel so much better than when I was using. After completing the program I felt so proud to have finally accomplished getting off drugs and my family also is very proud of me.

  4. Reading the entry above really lifts my heart and spirit. After just one month, people are in so much better shape and it only gets better as they continue to use and apply the life skills that they have learned from our highly beneficial program. It has been over a year since I finished my program, and I have improved so much, and I am still looking forward to the future, to continue helping others and bringing them the same type of rejuvenation that I have been so blessed to experience. I can’t wait to hear how much better P.L. is going to be doing in another month, as well as in another year!

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