There are Good Drugs and Bad drugs, Right?

The answer is no; while it is true that there are prescription and over the counter medications that help countless people to have a better quality of life they can be just as dangerous as street drugs. If prescription drugs or over the counter medications find their way into the wrong hands, are knowingly abused or taken in combination with other substances the results can be just as devastating as illegal street drugs.

All drugs, including alcohol are toxins to the human body. As mentioned above, some medications help to keep many people from suffering and benefit these individuals tremendously. However, even these medications can cause harm if the user abuses the drug, combines it with another substance that causes a harmful reaction, etc. Narconon Fresh Start realizes the extent that street drugs (marijuana, meth, heroin, cocaine), prescription drugs (OxyContin, Concerta, Ambien, Ritalin/Adderall, Lunestra), over the counter drugs (Dextromethorphan (DXM), Pseudoephedrine) and alcohol affect the user. This is why all of their drug rehabilitation programs are completely drug-free and based on holistic treatment methods.

Clients who enter the program addicted to drugs, alcohol and/or medications will find that by the end of their time in rehab they are completely off all substances, illegal AND legal. The Narconon Fresh Start program is designed to build up their clients from the inside out, creating an outstanding foundation for their graduating clients to begin living their sober, drug-free lives when they return home.

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