Trying to Escape

Why does a person take drugs or alcohol? There are countless specific reasons a person may choose to take a substance. However, the end result is that they are looking to change how they feel. They are looking for an escape. Maybe they are in pain and looking to “feel” better, perhaps they are feeling down or blue and want a “pick me up” or they may just be bored and looking to pass the time. To really understand why a person became a drug abuser and then an addict you need to look deeper than the fact that the habitually take drugs or alcohol. You need to understand why they initially began taking the substances in the first place.

Fort Collins New Life Center and all of the Narconon Fresh Start treatment programs work to address not only their clients physical problems with drug abuse and addiction, they delve deeper and uncover the underlying issues that lead the individual to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place. What this does is to get the client off drugs in the present time and ensure that the underlying issues that drove them to feel the compulsion to take drugs or alcohol are thoroughly addressed. Because the client’s underlying problems have been fully dealt with they will not resurface when the program participant completes treatment and returns home.

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