I am Not an Addict any Longer

For those who have tried other drug rehab programs and found that you still struggle with your sobriety it is time to attend a different type of program, Fort Collins New Life Center. This drug rehab is unlike other programs you have been through or heard of because they will not let you be the victim of your addiction. They do not operate under the belief that addiction and alcoholism is a disease that can only hope to be treated and coped with. Their process is one where clients enter as addicts and through their drug-free withdrawal process, total body detoxification and life skills courses leave completely rehabilitated. They are no longer an addict nor do they have to fear relapse around every corner. The Fort Collins New Life Center program works to not only get their clients off drugs or alcohol, it improves their life and creates lasting and permanent changes in the recovered individual. A graduate of the Fort Collins New Life Center has all the tools, skills and education within themselves to maintain their sobriety and live a successful and productive life free of drugs and alcohol.

As a graduate of Fort Collins New Life Center I know how amazing the program is! I entered the program at the lowest point in my life. I had no job, no money and was sleeping on friends couches just to get by. Each day brought me closer to just wanting to end it all. After four months of intensive drug rehab at Fort Collins New Life Center I am no longer an addict. I have built myself up and have more self-esteem than I ever did before. I know the secret to lasting sobriety, taking responsibility for myself and the choices I make. Thank you to all the staff who helped me get sober. God bless.

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