Lasting Sobriety Thanks to the New Life Detoxification Program

The toxins left behind by drug and alcohol abuse remain for much longer than most people realize. These residual drug and alcohol metabolites can trigger cravings in the recovering person when they are released into their bloodstream during physical exertion, when the individual is stressed or even at random unforeseen times. Narconon Fresh Start programs utilize a process called the New Life Detoxification Program to fully detoxify and purify their client’s bodies.

Through periods of medically supervised exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements and time spent in a dry sauna sweating out the toxins clients are able to fully rid their bodies of all remaining drug/alcohol metabolites. The benefits our program participants gain continue to improve their quality of life long after they have completed sauna and the remainder of their program with us. Clients note improved sleep, better memory, clearer skin, emotional stability as well as an overall improvement in their general health. The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is a cornerstone of our drug rehab process. It has been said that this portion of the program is the primary reason why our clients have lasting success in their sobriety vs. other treatment programs.

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