Learning New Ways of Studying

One of the most important things I gained from the third book was the understanding of various ways to studying. I have always been aware of the different ways, but the information in this book helped me to categorize and define these concepts. This book and the time spent completing it has been a good introduction back into the “classroom” feeling.
J. B.

While it may seem strange to learn how to “study” while in drug rehab, that is exactly what our clients do when they first begin course at Narconon Fresh Start. It is important for them to truly understand how to take in new information, make it their own and put it into practice in their life. By teaching our program participants multiple techniques on how to study and effectively learn we are providing them with valuable life skills that benefit them while in treatment and long after they graduate and return home.

One thought on “Learning New Ways of Studying”

  1. Book 3 helped me a ton to understand how to study in a more effective way. Going past a misunderstood work is something that is detrimental to fully understanding something your reading. It seems so simple when you really stop and think about it.

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