Addiction doesn’t have to be a way of life

Addiction doesn’t have to be a way of life. You don’t have to struggle with cravings and constant thoughts about using. True recovery means being happy with who you are as a sober, drug-free individual. This is what Narconon Fresh Start programs can teach you. They have helped thousands of addicts get off drugs and alcohol. Their programs do not use any form of drug replacement therapy and do not make you believe that you are a helpless addict suffering with a lifelong disease.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs teach addicted individuals how to come off the drugs they are addicted to, address the root problems of their substance abuse and how to effectively live life without needing drugs or alcohol any longer. Clients learn communication skills, problem solving and goal planning. They practice these skills each day while in treatment so that when they return home it has become second nature. Graduates of Narconon programs do not have to attend meetings or constantly check in with sponsors to maintain their sobriety. They have developed the inner strength and know-how after their time at Narconon Fresh Start to make the necessary choices day in and day out to stay clean and sober. Experience the difference Narconon Fresh Start can make in your life!

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