Rainbow Canyon Retreat Saved Our Son

Our son went through the Rainbow Canyon Retreat, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program 6 months ago and it has made all the difference in his life and our family’s. We now have our son back. When he was addicted pain killers and marijuana he became nearly unrecognizable to us. Thanks to this amazing program he is once again the loving, thoughtful boy we always knew him as. He has a new job here in town and is looking into going back to college to get his degree.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Canyon Retreat Saved Our Son”

  1. I went through the program here a Rainbow Canyon Retreat almost 2 years ago now and it has made a huge difference in not only my life but my families life also. Before coming here I had been addicted to Meth and weed for over 12 years. I had been in and out of jail too many times to count over those years and was also on supervised probation for getting caught with meth. Even though I was on probation and was subject to random drug tests I was still getting high. I had lost the trust of my family because of me constantly stealing from them to support my habit. The last time I went to jail was for violating the terms of my probation and that was the straw that broke the camels back for my family. While in jail my family made the decision to send me here and by that time I was ready to get off drugs. I have not looked back since coming here and have regained the trust of my family.

  2. I feel so happy to read posts such as the one here today. This really shows the worthwhile aspect of our program, and the contentment which it can bring. Countless lives, my life included, have been saved because of this program and its wonderful applications.

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