Ready to Make a Change!

Making changes in your life is sometimes a difficult task, even if the changes are positive and healthy ones. This is especially true for drug addicts and alcoholics. When an addict realizes they need to change their lifestyle it can seem to be an overwhelming and sometimes impossible sounding feat. To no longer have their drug of choice to depend on to get them though the good, the bad and the ugly times can strike fear into them causing them to change their mind about quitting. For many addicts, their drug of choice becomes like a friend or an appendage that they just can’t imagine living without. The loss and emptiness they anticipate feeling when they can no longer turn to their drug of choice in a time of “need” is a hurdle numerous recovering addicts face.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs such as Fort Collins New Life Center addresses these feelings in their clients. They realize that by quitting drug or alcohol abuse the recovering person needs to learn NEW ways to cope and handle their emotions. This is necessary and a vital part of their recovery program. Fort Collins New Life Center includes one of the most comprehensive detox and purification programs in the field of addiction recovery in addition to their educational course work focused on life skills training.

Their drug rehab program has a very high success rate at keeping graduates off drugs and alcohol after they complete treatment and return home. Fort Collins New Life Center, along with all other Narconon Fresh Start programs know that their treatment model is one of the most effective methods to date. They offer a six month guarantee that if any of their graduating clients experience difficulty remaining drug or alcohol free they may return free of cost for an advanced treatment review program. Narconon Fresh Starts stands behind the quality of their program and pledges this to all of their clients.

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