When Addiction Takes Over

For some, addiction to dangerous drugs like crack cocaine and meth begins as simply as trying it at a party or being offered the drug by a friend. The user thinks that they can just “try” these highly addictive drugs and it will just be a weekend thing or a once in a while thing that they do. In a million years they would have never realized the dark road their choice will take them down. No drug user thinks that it is going to be them who ends up living on the streets, stealing from others and having their life forever altered by their drug use. The sad truth is that it is nearly impossible to stop an addiction to crack cocaine or methamphetamine with sheer willpower alone. An addict may be able to stay clean for a period of time but without the life training and skills they learn while in treatment they will inevitably return to their drug use.

Getting off Crack Cocaine at Narconon Fresh Start

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Sunshine Summit Lodge is a drug rehab program that has shown numerous addicts the way out of a lifetime filled with addiction. Their program is designed to get their clients off drugs, rehabilitate their bodies and educate them on the necessary life skills to live a sober and productive life. Over three-quarters of their graduates remain drug free after completing treatment, a success rate far above average in the field of addiction recovery. Sunshine Summit Lodge can help you or your loved one get off crack cocaine or meth when sheer willpower and determination just aren’t enough.

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