Being Part of My Family Again is a Great Feeling

Before coming to Narconon everyday was difficult; getting to work on time was a struggle and my main goal was survival and getting high. I went to jail again and decided that I needed help with things I couldn’t do alone. My family was very supportive of my decision to come here, having been a heroin addict for the last 6 years. For the most part enjoying that lifestyle made the choice to come here hard. But, now that I am here I have more true friends, make better and healthier choices in my life and laugh more than I have in years. I admit the tools I am learning to use here at first seemed strange. But, applying them to real life situations is easy and extremely useful. Waking up in a good mood and not looking or even wanting a fix is a great feeling; but being a part of my family and being successful again is even better.
J. Q.

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