Narconon Fresh Start Helps You Build the Life You Want to Live

Narconon Fresh Start programs teach their clients how to permanently get off drugs and alcohol. While other rehab programs and mental health centers promote that addiction is a disease that must be treated with additional drugs, counseling and a lifetime of meetings Narconon approaches recovery differently. They are one of the only agencies in the mental health industry that openly upholds the concept that drug addiction and alcoholism are NOT diseases.

Of course, if a person has taken drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time they are going to experience challenges to getting sober such as withdrawal symptoms, cravings and emotional turmoil. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are able to help their clients get through these challenges and build the life they truly want to be living. Their graduates become the wonderful son or daughter, the amazing parent, the hard working employee and valuable member of the community. These life changes happen in just three to four months and last a LIFETIME!

When a person completes the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program and returns home their time focusing on their recovery is done, over and finished. Other treatment methods tell you that you have to continue to attend their meetings, speak to sponsors and have little to no power or control over yourself. Narconon Fresh Start tells their clients that once they complete their treatment program they are entirely rehabilitated and no longer an addict.

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