Our New Life Detoxification Program

Removing the remaining drug metabolites from a recovering person’s system is a key part of Narconon Fresh Start’s addiction treatment process. These drug metabolites can stay in the person’s fatty tissue for years after they have been consumed causing drug cravings, depression and a multitude of other physical and emotional stressors experienced with they are released into the blood stream. These unwanted stressors are often enough to send a recovering person into a downward spiral ending in drug or alcohol use and relapse.

Narconon Fresh Start’s New Life Detoxification program addresses the removal of these drug metabolites. The process works to flush out the remaining toxins through a very specific protocol. Program participants are first approved by a physician to begin the Narconon sauna program.  Next, they start a regimen of medically supervised exercise, time spent sweating in the dry sauna and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements designed to rid their fatty tissues of stored drug metabolites. This process effectively eliminates the physical cause of cravings and relapse.

The benefits clients gain through the New Life Detoxification process are nothing short of astonishing. Their eyes are brighter, they begin to regain their healthy color, they have increased energy and are sleeping better than they have in a long while. Emotional issues resolve with mood swings, anger and depression subsiding if not diminishing all together.

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