Clarity, No More Negative Thinking & Better Sleep!

I got here by a friend, she said I needed help and I agreed and we looked up Narconon. I Talked to Josh on the phone and was here the next day. OCD is where I stated, it went well. I got through withdrawal and this is my first day in class. I’m overall happy so far things are well. I’m looking forward to Narconon. Thanks….

…My objectives went great, mostly great due to my specialist. I’ve gained clarity and learned how to get out of negative thinking using new methods I’ve been taught. My sleep has improved greatly and my eating habits have gotten way better. Also I can’t forget my appetite has risen greatly.
J. M.

During a client’s time here at Narconon Fresh Start they see many improvements in themselves. Some they anticipated due to getting off drugs or alcohol and some improvements in themselves are surprising to them. These surprising and wonderful improvements inspire the client to keep putting in the hard work and investing their time in themselves to make a total and lasting addiction recovery.

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