Glad I Got Help

Last week I was strung out, broke and didn’t know where I was going to crash each night. After speaking with my dad about getting help for the millionth time I decided fine, I’ll go. It’s got to be better than what my life is like now. I was right. I’m starting to feel more like myself than I have in years. During detox I was able to get the sleep I really needed and have been eating well since I walked through these doors. Thanks to the Rainbow Canyon Retreat detox staff that helped me through this past week. I know I was difficult to put up with but now that I’m past the worst of it I’m so glad I stuck it out. I can’t wait to see what sauna and course is going to be like. I’m hopeful for my life in a way I can’t remember feeling before.

2 thoughts on “Glad I Got Help”

  1. I also owe a great deal to the staff here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat before I came here I was strung out on meth and didn’t see myself doing anything with my life. I had been in and out of jail so many times that I had lost track. The last time I went to jail was the final time for me, while in jail my family had found out about Rainbow Canyon Retreat and had made the decision to send me there. By that time I was ready to get clean and stay that way and now 2 years later I’m still clean and haven’t looked back.

  2. Once again, another life, and soul saved by this program. It really is a big improvement to go from living on the street and having no options, to enrolling in, and completing this program. You gain so much, and life’s doors and opportunities start to open up to you again.

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