I Promise Myself that I’m Going to Set Things Right

Working through the changing conditions in life course is really difficult for me. I’m having to face the things that I have done wrong in my past and do the work to set them right. Repairing the damage I caused in my relationships with my parents and friends is going to be hard. I don’t see how they will ever trust me again. How they will welcome me back into their lives after all the hurt I caused them. I promise myself that I will do whatever is necessary to repair this past damage and earn their trust. I’m grateful to all the awesome staff here at Lonestar Victory Ranch who have supported me and made me feel confident in my ability to confront and fix the areas in my life that need to be addressed.

One thought on “I Promise Myself that I’m Going to Set Things Right”

  1. It’s hard, I know. But I know you can do it – people do want to forgive you, and trust you again, and be back in your life. They do. So let them be wary and distrusting (that is their right), but they are watching, hoping for the best. Good luck…

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