Narconon Fresh Start, Confident it can make a Difference in Your Life

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation programs are able to inspire even the most severe addicts to enroll and make the effort to get off drugs or alcohol once and for all. This is because after reviewing all the information, all the facts, the reports and success stories it is impossible not to want to try it for themself. Narconon Fresh Start programs are so effective that they stand behind them with a six month guarantee of sobriety.

No other rehab I have ever heard of is willing to do the same. When you leave treatment you are on your own usually. Sure, you may call or stay in contact with someone for a short while but their work with you on an individual basis is through. Not at Narconon Fresh Start programs. They will do everything in their power to support you and be there for you during your most crucial time, the first six months after treatment.

Their guarantee is that if for any reason you experience problems in maintaining your sobriety during those first six months after graduation you can return to their treatment facility and complete an advanced treatment review program. While the expense of getting to the facility and any medical detox needed is at the clients expense they will provide the program and inpatient care at no cost. With a program this confident in their client’s success it only makes sense to choose a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab.

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