Firsthand Accounts of the Sauna Purification Program

Below you can read firsthand how excited, positive and uplifted clients feel about the Narconon Fresh Start New Life Detoxification method. Our clients write over and over again to us about how their experience in the sauna purification program changed their bodies, minds and life.

I feel great, very excited to start sauna. Looking forward to finishing up the first book. I’m very happy to be here getting help.
K. C.

I have successfully completed sauna program! I believe that this part of the program has helped me a lot. I now sleep through the whole night! I feel it has also helped me to remove all of the drugs out of my system and now I can live a happier, non-stressful, very successful life.
K. B.

I came into Narconon with no intentions to quit my previous life at all. I remember sitting in the withdrawal house and trying to find out how I was going to blow from the whole program. After doing the sauna program it changed my mind about this place completely. I now feel like a completely new person that doesn’t need drugs to be happy or have energy to get through a day. It feels great to not have to rely on pills to do the simplest things in life. I will never forget what I’ve learned here because it saved my life. Kelly was the best course supervisor I could have asked for and Phil was cool too.
K. S.

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