It Used to Make Me Want to Use; Not Any More Though

I’ve learned and grown so much in such a short time while doing the first book at Narconon. One of my major problems that I’ve had in my life for a long time is that I always started confrontation with others. This book has greatly helped my growth as a person and gave me the ability to handle the world. I feel more open minded for beating these drills. I now feel like I can look people in the eye and communicate with them while being a lot more relaxed and more in control. I’ve always had a problem with people making comments or joking around with me; I would take it the wrong way and it would make me angrier. I wouldn’t know how to handle the situation. This would cause me to start using things like drugs and alcohol to help and escape this situation. The exercises I’ve learned while at Narconon Fresh Start have taught me how to deal with the situation and handle myself better. If anyone says or does anything it will not affect me or stop me from what I intend to do, which is to have a good life. I greatly appreciate all I have learned and look forward to learning more.
T. B.

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