More about the New Life Detoxification Method

The sauna portion of Narconon Fresh Start’s recovery program is instrumental in a client’s lasting sobriety. Known as the New Life Detoxification program, it is a series of specific protocols conducted in order to aid clients in flushing out the drug metabolites (toxins) from their systems. After being approved for this program by the physician clients are ready to start the New Life Detoxification method. This involves taking a specific regimen of vitamin and mineral supplements proven to assist the body in flushing out the drug metabolites from fatty tissues. The client then preforms physical exercise to increase their heart rate and circulation. A period of physical exertion is vital before entering the dry sauna because it helps to warm up the body and begin the process of flushing out toxins. Once the clients time exercising is completed they will check in with the sauna supervisor and begin their daily time in the dry sauna. How long a client remains in the dry sauna each day is monitored closely by the sauna supervisor who has special training in this area of the Narconon Fresh Start program. Day by day clients repeat this process until it is clear that they have successfully flushed out the drug metabolites that were in their system. Program participants feel a decrease if not total elimination of drug cravings, improved cognitive abilities, better sleep at night and an overall improvement in their general health.

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