Why Long-Term Treatment Worked For Me

Long-term residential treatment is an excellent choice for addicts who have been struggling with their substance abuse problems for a while. When months, years or even decades go by filled with drug and alcohol abuse it can be hard to remember what a sober life was like. Addicts who have a long history with addiction problems are going to need more than just a few weeks to change their addictive ways. It takes a while to make day to day life without drugs feel normal and natural.

I should know, it took me close to four months to feel like my new found sobriety was more than just a fleeting moment. I had spent years addicted to drugs before I entered a Narconon Fresh Start program. During my first few weeks I realized just how difficult the process was going to be. It wasn’t something I could rush my way through or b.s. others to get out of doing it. I had to really apply myself and actually learn the new information being taught to me if this program was going to really work.

Because I had all the time I needed to learn, practice and integrate the education I received I was able to stay sober since the day I entered Narconon Fresh Start over a decade ago. Long-term residential treatment was able to help me finally get off drugs when other programs couldn’t. I’m so glad I invested the time in myself and went to Narconon Fresh Start.
-Narconon Graduate

One thought on “Why Long-Term Treatment Worked For Me”

  1. I feared going into a long term treatment program. I did not want to be away from my family and friends so long. It turns out it truly was the best thing for me. When I was in the Rainbow Canyon Retreat I did not miss out on anything. It gave me an oppurtunity to get my life back and actually grow closer with my family and friends. I too had tried short term and outpatient drug treatment programs. Outpatient for me was a joke, I would get high almost immediately after leaving the program for the day. Long patient is exactly what I needed and it was nothing to fear. It gave me a chance to live a drug free life in a secured environment. It gave me the time and security I needed to overcome my drug addictions.

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