Addiction Rehabilitation on an Individualized Basis

Narconon Fresh Start programs (Fort Collins New Life Center, Lonestar Victory Ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat and Sunshine Summit Lodge) provide an individualized approach to addiction treatment. They have purposefully chosen not to utilize the group therapy approach to recovery because through their decades of experience it is not the most effective method of treatment. A majority of treatment programs that use group therapy employ only 1 counselor to oversee the group of 10-35 program participants who are “sharing” the same group therapy session. This method can be difficult for socially awkward, shy or introverted persons to feel comfortable sharing in. Even worse, it provides an opportunity for one of the group members to misuse the information they hear during group therapy to their advantage at a later date.

At a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab facilities staff help their clients identify and work through addiction issues, life problems, family dilemmas and interpersonal relationships with friends and colleagues on a “one on one” basis. The skilled Narconon Fresh Start staff is trained at helping program participants work through and fully address areas of their life that need change and improvement. All of these changes and improvements are conducted on site, while the client is living at the treatment facility. The purpose of drug rehabilitation is to help the client address their past addiction problem, focus on their present situation and plan for their future. If these steps are not conducted while in treatment then the client isn’t receiving a fully comprehensive rehabilitation experience.

All Narconon Fresh Start locations are staffed with an abundance of Course Supervisors, Case Supervisors, Registered Addictions Specialists and Life Skills Counselors that work with each client on a rigorous schedule to handle their individual and exact issues and needs. Because Narconon Fresh Start programs are not for profit they are able to heavily staff each location. What this means for their clients is that there will typically be more than one staff member for every two clients. Ratios such as these are nearly unheard of in other private rehab programs. However, Narconon Fresh Start makes it a priority to keep their ratio of staff to client heavily saturated ensuring an optimum client service experience and their lasting success.

3 thoughts on “Addiction Rehabilitation on an Individualized Basis”

  1. I prefer the individualized treatment method. I felt more comfortable in confiding in one or two people about my problems rather then having a whole group know all my problems. The Narconon Fresh Start program’s individualized approach worked for me and made me feel comfortable in my environment and with other students. I had been to twelve step meetings before I went to the Rainbow Canyon Retreat, and the I always felt awkward about sharing my stories and feelings with a group of strangers. At the Rainbow Canyon Retreat it was a lot easier to open up about my problems because it was not in front of a group of my peers. It made me feel more confident when I had to confront my issues. Plus, once I completed the Narconon program there was no need for me to attend any meetings!

  2. The Narconon program is a very great program and offers 1 on 1 help if needed unlike the program I went through before Narconon where there was no 1 on 1 time and it just felt like all they were doing was trying to hurry and get you through so they could bring the next group in.

  3. One of the best things about this program is its versatility towards providing specialized treatment for each person individually, meeting all their criteria and needs. If one on one time is needed for any specific problems, then it is given immediately so that they person can effectively focus on their healing and treatment therapy. This is one of the reasons why this program is so effective and has such a high success rate. Once the clients have gone through this program fully, they are much more prepared to face life living sober and become successful, productive, members of society.

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