Book 6 – Personal Values and Integrity Course

WIN! I got a lot out of the 6th book. I learned about why people commit harmful acts on themselves and others. I took responsibility for a lot of over reactions and withholds I had in my own life and feel so relived. I hope others can get as many wins as I did reading this book.
M. S.

The 6th book was the best book so far. I got to comfort my past and handle it. Now I know how to love my new life and apply my ethics so I’m happy and responsible. I know I can be a good responsible man now.
M. A.

Narconon Book 6 is the Personal Values and Integrity Course. This course is designed to help clients regain their personal integrity and recognize their own personal values. Clients conduct a thorough examination of their past harmful and destructive actions. During the process they also take personal responsibility and hold themselves accountable for their own past actions.

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