Fort Collins New Life Center, a Different Approach to Recovery

Fort Collins New Life Center is a drug rehab program with a different approach to recovery. They do not tell their clients that they have a disease. They do not tell their clients that they are powerless over themselves, their choices and their actions. The philosophy that drives the recovery process at Fort Collins New Life Center is centered on taking personal responsibility for oneself and the results that come with making poor choices.

While addiction to drugs and alcohol is a debilitating problem that robs the addict of their sense of self, their morals, ethics and other necessary qualities needed to create a person of integrity it can be dealt with and resolved. A person who is an addict today does not always have to remain so. Through using Narconon Fresh Start treatment technology and the New Life Detoxification method clients of the Fort Collins New Life Center can live a happy, sober, productive life. The life they should be living had drugs or alcohol not gotten in the way.

Narconon – Where can I start to say what I have received from this program? It has changed so much in my life for the better. My hope is to take what I learned here and to keep on applying it every day in my life. I know that if I can do that I will never repeat my past mistakes and I can look forward to a much better future.
L. C.

To have completed this program is the biggest accomplishment of my life thus far. I have learned so much in my tine here and I can’t express how secure I feel right now in my sobriety and my future. I owe my life to Narconon and the staff members that have pushed me to be the amazing person I am today. Without them I would’ve been in jail. I can’t wait to apply everything I have learned here to my life outside of Narconon. I feel like an entirely new person and can’t wait to show my family the new and improved me! Thank you to all the staff members for believing in me!
L. S.

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