Saving Addicted Lives

Why should you choose a Narconon Fresh Start treatment facility? Because they are the very best at what they do. While other programs talk of taking it “one day at a time”; Narconon Fresh Start programs speak about no longer calling yourself an addict, ever again. Their treatment philosophy addresses addiction for what it really is; a serious physical and emotional problem that must be solved while concurrently working through the underlying issues that drove the person to substance abuse in the first place.

The Sauna Detoxification program Narconon Fresh Start programs uses helps the client thoroughly cleanse and detoxify from all drug toxins left behind by their substance abuse. Once the New Life Detoxification process is complete, clients see their drug cravings gradually fade away and a new, drug-free life opening up to them.

A client becomes more like a student during their time at a Narconon Fresh Start program. They undertake the process of learning life skills training to help them live a productive life. During their time at Narconon Fresh Start program participants cover: communication skills, the ups and downs in life course, personal values and integrity course, changing conditions in life course, and the way to happiness course. The program offered by Narconon Fresh Start will help you or the person you care about finally get sober. Their program works with families across the United States to guide them through the process of saving addicted lives.

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