I’m ready to See What Life Has in Store for Me

I came to Narconon on my own choice, I was tired of losing jobs, destroying relationships, my body by drinking all day and not really caring about anyone else’s needs other than my own. My girlfriend would come over and clean my room and all the beer cans I would leave around the house I was absent throughout the relationship and by the time I realized it was too late. I hid the drinking from my mother who had no idea the extent of my drinking. She had no idea I was drinking a case and a fifth a day. I was spending at least 140 dollars a week on booze. When I told her she was shocked after I called Narconon she backed me up the whole way and she was very happy to do so. I talked to Adam Webster who found the warner springs locations for me. I left two days after my birthday, one of the worst birthdays I’ve had, then again I realized it was the best one of my life because I got to start over with a new one, I don’t even think about drinking anymore I don’t want to go to that destructive lifestyle, I’m ready to see what life has in store for me and repair the damage that I have caused.
M. B.

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