Lonestar Victory Ranch, Teaching Addicts Lasting Recovery

Choosing to enter a drug rehab program is a decision not easily made for most addicts. However, picking Lonestar Victory Ranch as the drug rehab you enroll in is a breeze. Their amazing staff and high success rate makes recovering from your addiction problem less of a daunting task. The Narconon Fresh Start program they use to help their clients get off drugs and/or alcohol has shown to be the most effective in the field of addiction recovery. A high number of their clients do not return to a life of drugs or alcohol once they have graduated from Lonestar Victory Ranch. This percentage is so high because they have developed a method of helping their clients get off drugs/alcohol, address the underlying reasons that drove them to use, fully detoxify their client’s bodies on a cellular level and teach them invaluable life skills to help them remain sober and live a happy life when they return home.

“After completing Lonestar Victory Ranch I was able to return home and pick up my life. There were days that were harder than others but I always knew I had a strong support network I could (and did!) lean on if necessary. I got my daughter back and have patched things up with my ex-husband. We are at least able to stay hospitable when around each other. I learned how to control my emotions and reactions while at Lonestar Victory Ranch and no longer let him trigger angry outbursts from me. I’m working on a degree and now have the focus and determination to study each night; something that would have never been possible six months ago before rehab. I’m grateful to the staff and friends I made at Lonestar Victory Ranch for supporting me and helping me get past my addiction to Oxys.”

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