The Cost of Treatment

Ideally, price wouldn’t be part of the consideration process when choosing a drug rehab; this is not the case for most families. Since price does play a factor into choosing which treatment program to attend understanding what you are getting out of the price quoted is essential. You can spend hours researching rehab programs and come away with little to no actually detailed information about what each program costs. This is why calling around and speaking to the different programs you are considering is necessary. Generally speaking, better private facilities cost on average $20,000 or more per month. The majority of privately funded accredited facilities range from $10,000-$20,000 per month and more “affordable” private options will come in under $10,000 total.

For those who have private health insurance with better coverage plans may find that your plans will contribute to a significant percentage of drug rehabilitation costs, depending on the program you choose. If choosing to use private health insurance to cover some or all of your treatment expenses you should contact your insurance company first and speak with a representative about your rehabilitation options.

Individuals who cannot afford the cost of private drug rehab and do not private health insurance as an option to help with the cost of care then there are public facilities available. The drawback however is that you will likely need to put your name on a waiting list for these public or subsidized facilities because they are typically filled to capacity year around. To sum it up, it is no surprise that private drug rehab programs are known to offer far superior care and results than public facilities but really any rehab experience is better than none at all.

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