Why Narconon Fresh Start?

When the decision has been made to enroll in a drug rehab program it also means having to research and choose which program will be the right fit. This difficult choice comes at a time when families and friends are stressed and burdened with the destructive actions of their love one; not an opportune time to be researching new information and making important and sometimes very expensive choices. Drug rehabilitation is a big business these days and it is important to know that most of these programs are for-profit entities, meaning that they don’t make any money until you walk through their door.

Narconon Fresh Start programs are different. They are a not-for profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation network that has been successfully treating addiction and rehabilitating individuals and families since 1966. Because they are not-for profit, Narconon Fresh Start programs are able to hold themselves to a higher standard of service than the majority of other programs available. Their keys to success include a time variable approach to recovery, non-group therapy individualized treatment, secluded distraction free locations, a body cleansing and purification program (New Life Detoxification), life skills education and a program guarantee of success. In the end, lasting sobriety and their guarantee of success is the ultimate reason to choose a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program over the others.

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