After sauna I feel great

After Sauna I felt great and came right in to book 3 (Learning Improvement Course). I did my best and got it done quickly. It taught me a lot on how to study and fully understand the concept of proper studying.
M. J.

The sauna program, known as the New Life Detoxification Program helps clients to rid their body of all remaining drug metabolites and toxins. By flushing out the drug metabolites left behind by substance abuse they no longer experience physical drug or alcohol cravings along with an extensive list of additional health benefits. Students in the Narconon Fresh Start program find that after they have completed the dry sauna portion of their program they are able to focus on course much better, take in new information easier and retain the new information they have learned better than before.

The Learning Improvement Course enables students to overcome common barriers to study. They improve their learning skills and their ability to comprehend and apply what they have studied in the Narconon Fresh Start courses. There is great benefit to these study techniques because they are used throughout the remainder of the program and can be used outside the Narconon Fresh Start program in the student’s everyday life.

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