Thank You Narconon

I was influenced by older people around me drinking beer and how they felt or acted around others or to themselves. Once I got a little older and started to drink I felt and acted like them but it started to change my life. It hurt my family and me very bad. Also seeing the way I acted was so wrong to everyone. I don’t blame anyone other than myself because I should have stopped a long time ago. Alcohol got me in trouble and I lost myself a lot growing up. When John Gregory called me and told me that Narconon can help me I did agree to come out. Anything at that moment and time I had to do was right for me and my family. I came out and seen what John told me and from doing the program It really helped me see who I really am and what type of life I can live sober. My family loves me a lot and my friends do as well. I thank Narconon for changing me and seeing a new way of life.
Thank You.
M. L.

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