Is Alcohol Considered a Drug?

Sunshine Summit Lodge drug rehab can tell you that yes, alcohol is a drug. And, just like other drugs it is poisonous to the human body if taken in large enough amounts. As with other drugs, when a person drinks alcohol it uses up the vitamins in their body leaving them feeling tired or sick after drinking too much. This is what is known as a “hangover”. If a person consumes too much alcohol it can cause them use up to many necessary vitamins leaving them shaking, sweating and possibility hallucinating (seeing things that are not really there).

Every person needs these essential vitamins to function properly and stay alive. Without them it is much easier to become sick, and once sick it will take longer to get better. So, what will happen if you continue to drink alcohol to feel better after a hangover? The problem will get worse and worse until eventually any number of physical ailments happen: liver disease, nerve damage, brain damage, vitamin B1 deficiency, ulcers, gastritis, malnutrition and possibly cancer of the mouth and throat.

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