Most Drugs Aren’t Habit Forming, Right?

We at Rainbow Canyon Retreat know that all drugs have the potential to be habit forming. This is because even if the drug does not create a physical dependence in the individual who is taking it, it can become psychologically addicting. For example, when a person smokes marijuana to calm down from a stressful day or to feel relaxed they are simply covering their feelings and emotions with the effects of the drug. When the drug wears off however, the stress and pressures of their life will return; in some cases worse than they were before.

The sequence of stress, drug use then the return of the unwanted feelings when the drug wears off creates drug using cycle for the individual. They begin to rely on the drug psychologically to “get through the day” or to “help them relax” at the end of the day. Their life problems do not just go away when they are high on the drug; they simply are put on the back burner until later. If left unattended these problems often multiply causing the drug user to want MORE of the drug to escape reality.

This cycle will not stop until the drug user realizes that until they get a handle on how to manage their stress and problems without turning to drugs they will continually struggle. What was once a way to “end the day” or “blow off steam” becomes a way to cope with ALL their problems. It is likely that they will increase the amount they use and move on to using harder, stronger drugs to increase the effect they are looking to experience.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat helps all types of addicts recover from their addiction problems. We are a drug-free environment and only use holistic methods along with cognitive behavioral modification to achieve our results. When clients complete our program they leave here totally rehabilitated. They do not return home and attend meetings, fear relapse around every corner and they do not call themselves an addict any longer. Graduates of Rainbow Canyon Retreat are able to stand on their own two feet without drugs or alcohol, they make positive and healthy choices for themselves and have the ability to confront life head on using the tools and life skills learned while in our program.

2 thoughts on “Most Drugs Aren’t Habit Forming, Right?”

  1. A great number of things in life are habit forming, from the way we talk, to what we eat and how we move about. Humans are creatures of habit and since we are intelligent enough to realize this fact, we should be vigilant and careful about dangerous substances such as drugs or alcohol, which will take control and ruin a life. Choose the good, healthy habits instead.

  2. This article hit home for me. I was prescribed xanax by a doctor, so I thought it would be ok and not habit forming. I trusted my doctor and I thought since it was prescribed by my doctor, that it was no big deal. I quickly became hooked on xanax and started selling drugs to support my habit. I eventually got arrested for selling drugs and did a few years in prison Even prison time did not stop me from wanting to use Xanax. As soon as I got out I went back to using Xanax again Thanks to the Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the Narconon Fresh Start program that is all in my past Thanks to what I learned there, I have been drug free for 4 years!

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