12 Years Sober Thanks to Narconon!

Thank you Narconon Fresh Start for helping me get off drugs. 12 years ago, March 20, 2001 I entered the program as a scared 20 year old girl who had never taken responsibility for anything in her life, especially my cocaine addiction. I knew things were bad in my life but I just didn’t realize how much I had let things go until I had been sober for a few months. When I graduated in July of 2001 I felt like a bright, young woman who was ready to take on the world.

I did just that! I still use the tools I learned there 12 years ago to get through tough situations. While not every day is easy, I have remained drug-free since I left and I am so proud of my lasting sobriety. I encourage anyone who is struggling with an addiction problem to contact a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab. Their program saved my life and managed to keep me from returning to drugs when other programs I had gone through couldn’t.
Thank you Narconon!

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