A Second Chance at a Fresh Start

My first drink was at the age of 11. My first time smoking pot was at the age of 15. Those I believe were the basis or springboard to me thinking from a very young age that drugs and alcohol weren’t that bad. Later on I became addicted to downers and cocaine, I attended Narconon in 2007. I fought the program for the first 6 weeks then slugged my way through the rest, just wanted to get home and forget I ever had a drug issue. I even lied at my graduation from Narconon Warner Springs, saying I never would use drugs again. I knew even before these words came out of my mouth that they were a lie. I stayed clean for about 2 years without ever applying the material I learned from Narconon; and then I started using again.

This time it was drugs to numb the feelings of not feeling good enough. I had Morphine, Oxy’s, and Heroin. Before I knew it I was seriously addicted wasting all the money I earned on heroin, pawning items that were gifts, stealing from my parents and more I can’t even remember. I woke up one morning and told my parents I needed help and they knew it. I suggested Narconon again, knowing the information I learned before, if applied would greatly prolong my survival. I never thought I would say this but Narconon saved my life twice now! This time I have vowed to myself not to take this chance for granted.
N. B.

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